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You have came to the right place if you are looking for an ICF contractor with 
               the experience, equipment and man power to erect your project.
   "We have rebuilt our website to better serve the new generation of mobile device users that want information fast and accurate. Unlike the old site we are providing the information in just two pages, now lets cut to the chase."


Does ICF cost less than frame construction?  No, Concrete, insulation and steel that are provided all cost more than the
wood in a "normal" framed structure so the cost is more per wall sq. footage.

Do you make up for it with energy savings in the long run?
On most structures, You get back the extra cost within 5 years through heat and cooling bills and reduction in insurance rates. 

Does Mid-Atlantic ICF build the whole project turn key?
As a rule no, being one of the only true ICF installation companies
we are busy providing our services to home owner contractors and general contractors throughout the Mid Atlantic Region. On rare occasions we will take on a small project if it is within 50 miles of Winchester, Va and will take place in the winter months when we are not as busy.   

Does your company do Tech work?
We do tech work for contractors with the man power to do larger projects and home owners willing to put in sweat equity and have the building skills required. Our normal rate is $50.00 a man hour for such services 

Are you a supplier of Insulated Concrete Blocks?
Yes, we are a distributor of Fox Blocks, after years of using a lot of the other brands, in our opinion Fox Blocks has the best product on the market and we prefer to build with them. They also offer a better product for you the consumer.

Can you give me a price per sq.foot of wall or a linear foot price?
No, each job has it's unique pricing for instance, a job on a cliff where the material has to be lifted in and unique building practices are required will cost more per foot than a project on a perfectly level lot easily accessed by a 53 foot tractor trailer.
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